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We provide a full array of landscape services including:  finish grading, addressing drainage, and plant material acquisition and installation.  Hardscape services include numerous types of stone work, as well as carpentry projects.  We can competently handle all your project needs. .

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I was born and raised here in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

When designing a homescape it's important to understand the climate, fauna and foliage that is in the natural landscape around you..

With access to a wealth of knowledge of what thrives in this area Trademark Homescapes can create a treasure that not only lasts but thrives in its habitat.

William H.Deaver III

Owner/Operator Trademark Homescapes

Over 20 years of experience installing landscapes.

Experienced Craftsman in Stone and Woodworking.

Background in Nursery Horticulture.

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Great garden or landscape design may be subjective, but there are still some universal truths that form a good basis for any design.

It’s when homeowners add their own personality to this foundation that garden, woodwork or landscape design becomes an extension of you to your property.


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In selecting your design/build team, be sure to consider the person’s ability to efficiently manage your project from start to finish – having materials on site and ready with as little impact as possible to the rest of your space.

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